What is hypnosis?

So, now that we know what hypnosis is not, well what is it? Well, one way to look at hypnosis is to call it an altered state of mind. Now this altered state of mind is special in that people are more responsive in this particular altered state of mind. Accordning to www.iconversationalhypnosis.com their inner world will somehow become more real, and the thoughts and ideas you present – through you language and your suggestions – become a part of that inner world.

An example of covert hypnosis

Many people contact me and ask for an example of covert hypnosis in action. So with that in mind take a look below:

“Everyone knows that people can breathe. And they can breathe in and out without having to think about it. The interesting thing is, because you can control your breathing, you can take deeper breaths. And with every deep breath that you take, you can begin to relax, almost automatically.

Your body know how to relax, just by breathing, at its own pattern and rhythm.”

So let’s pause for a moment and have a look at what I just said there and where the covert hypnotism comes into play. Really I’m making an assumption that just by being to control your breathing, you’ll be able to increase your relaxation.

Now, that’s kind of true and it’s kind of not true. But because I made so many statements that everyone will agree with – that fact that you can breathe in and out; that it’s outside your control and inside your control at the same time etc. – because you are in a habit of agreeing with me, when I place a suggestion (that is to say, ‘taking a deep breathe will allow you to relax more fully’) you’re more likely to accept it.

It slips just past your conscious filters and begins to become true for you.

Prinicple 3: Piggy Back Suggestions

Now this is called the principle of ‘piggy-backing off other suggestions’. And we’ll look at this more fully in the next CD on hypnotic principles.

But for the moment, just bear in mind that this smooth language allows you to create this connection between things that don’t necessarily have to be connected.

So there’s a kind of a language which allows you to not only connect ideas, but also create transitions, which are very very smooth, between one thought or idea and another. It creates this effortless, seamless flow.

Going back to our analogy of the water-slide and the theme park, you have to create some kind of language that will have the same effect as the water going down the water-slide, which creates a smoothness of experience. So that people can ride along these ideas without any effort at all.

Principle 4: Linguistic Bridges

Now in language, these ‘linguistic bridges’ are called ‘conjunctions’.

They’re the cement – the stuff that binds information together – which allows you to move from one idea to another seamlessly and fluidly.

Now for the moment we’re going to focus on just 4 words of power, 4 conjunctions, 4 words that act like these linguistic bridges, so that it allows you to tie together different thoughts and ideas; to begin to create a hypnotic theme that becomes very, very powerful.

Once you’ve mastered these 4 words of power, I will show you how to create an almost infinite variety of these things.

So that, every time you talk to someone, you can make up completely new content, completely new inductions, completely new covert hypnosis conversations. And every single one of them will hit home.

4 Words of Power

For now, let’s focus on these ‘4 words of power’. Those 4 words are:
• As
• And
• Because
• Which Means

With these 4 words you can piggy-back any suggestion of any other statements, and create a fluid, seamless piece of communication that other people will respond to hypnotically.

So, let’s have a look at these 4 words of power in action. On the next track we’ll be creating a very simple hypnotic induction, using the 4 words of power and a simple theme -the idea of relaxing – so that you can relax into a trance comfortably.

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